A Messy Day is a Great Day

This year, I’m learning to be less in control and enjoy more time just letting things unfold before my eyes. Life is messy. If we could just embrace this fact, life will be less stressful.

Dance in the rain!

I had my day planned out, but I’m always ready to be surprised if things don’t go my way.

The first thing on my to-do list was laundry. But when I woke up, my roommate was doing hers. I could just wait for her, but I felt like postponing it tonight. I instead went to the emergency meeting of my church group which I didn’t plan on attending today, but since my first agenda has been moved, I decided to play with the rest of my schedules while still accomplishing my tasks. The meeting went well. I met and played with a super adorable kid, my lunch was free, and I was randomly affirmed by a person whom I thought doesn’t like me. Now it seems like the person is very fond of me. Surprise!

After the meeting, I headed to the office to get stuff done. It’s the weekend so my timing is flexible. I went home a bit late and didn’t catch the sunset at the park which I’m looking forward to BUT, I’m really glad I stayed up because there was a network failure and if I was not at the office later today, the rest of my team would have suffered tomorrow. Bugs fixed with the help of the IT 🙂

I got my hot tea and sat by the park which was well lit by lamp posts. It was calming seeing kids play at the field with their parents. As I sat on the Bermuda grass, I wrote down my reflection for the day (day 16 of Lent), listen to some music and had a delish cream and custard pocket pie before finally going home. I did the laundry and enjoyed the rest of the evening watching funny videos on YouTube. I’m an introvert so a day like this is very therapeutic (and a must)

I enjoyed my messed up schedule for today.

The old me would’ve grumbled when I missed my morning routine and missed the sunset, but I’d rather have a “let-it-go” mindset and be ready for what adventure is next. I wonder what kind of mess I will be in tomorrow…



PS. While waiting for IT to fix my computer, Mc Donald’s for dinner! They finally have vegan burgers y’all!


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