About that Plane Crash & Shooting in a Mosque…

We live in a world where we have access to worldwide news 24/7… now what?

Ethiopian Air traveling to Kenya crashed and killed all its 157 passengers. The authorities  banned the use of the jet-modeled aircraft. On the same week, 50 people were killed when an extremist open fired 2 mosques in New Zealand. The Prime Minister called it a terrorist attack and will implement a law on fire-arm possession. These shocking news really makes me ask what in the wold is happening? And what can I do instead of just talking about it? I would, like any person who believes in God, pray for the souls of the departed. But after reflecting about this deeper, and as someone who believes so much in the power of prayer, why are we only limiting the extent of our prayers to the  effects of a calamity or a disaster? Because in reality, these things are still happening and will still happen in the future. And I believe we have the power to stop this.

PRAYER IS POWERFUL. And with this, especially during this Lent, I will especially be praying for…

*All the workers/mind behind the transportation industry. From the janitors to the service crew to the maintenance to the mechanics to the operators to the actual people who build and invent these machines –from land to sea to air.  Everything is interconnected. Sometimes we fail to see this but in the greater scheme of things, a single mistake from a disheartened person can create a domino effect that can affect a greater number of people. Now turn that the other way around and the world will be a better place. What we do, say, and think affects the world. So I pray that we be the source of encouragement to one another more than anything.

*The murderers. In praying, we naturally have the habit of leaving out the people that causes us pain or misery. We pray for the best for our friends, families, and the people that we like… but not for the people who makes us suffer. But we should really pray for these people. I had this impression that God wanted me to pray for that guy who filmed himself live and murdered the all worshipers in that mosque without mercy. It is clearly the work of the devil. But you know what? There is a person in there. While people want him dead, this Lent teaches us mercy. It’s so hard to wrap my mind around this thought. God are you insane? (Clearly He is not). That’s why we all need God’s grace. Because the human logic and intellect can not comprehend the true will of God. And it is good. He is always good.

If you are reading this, please pray for those people who are part of your life but seems so insignificant that you don’t pray for them. And then pray for your enemies. Remember that 2000 years ago, Jesus came for them too.

God bless you.

“Pray in the spirit in all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, always be alert and keep on praying for ALL the Lord’s people”

– Ephesians 6:18


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